Thank you for visiting the web site of Rapp Funeral and Cremation Services, the Washington area’s comprehensive alternative to traditional funeral homes. We offer cremations and burials, viewings, church funerals and graveside services, worldwide shipping, personalized memorials and caring personal support–all for hundreds or even thousands of dollars less.

Putting an end to excessive funeral costs


The average funeral costs about $7,000, not including cemetery fees. That’s because traditional funeral homes specialize in providing more elaborate, more expensive facilities, services and merchandise. (It may surprise you to know that many “neighborhood” funeral homes are in fact owned by profit-driven international conglomerates.) With its low overhead, locally owned Rapp is a welcome alternative for families that prefer a simpler approach and more flexibility. We specialize in offering simple, dignified arrangements at dramatically reduced costs.

Changing traditions mean more choices


Many people have misconceptions about funeral arrangements, often reinforced by the funeral homes themselves. With Rapp, you’ll discover that you actually have many choices and rights.

The first choice is between cremation and burial. If you choose cremation, you can still have a traditional viewing or funeral service, with a rental casket if you wish. Or you can achieve many of the benefits of a funeral with an intimate family viewing, with suitable containers for the cremation and the ashes. If you prefer burial, Rapp can offer a choice of caskets to fit any budget, whether or not we handle the funeral.

Green Burial Plans


Rapp Funeral and Cremation Services now provides “green,” or eco-friendly, funeral services. In fact, Rapp is the Washington area’s only funeral establishment approved by the Green Burial Council, a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization working to encourage environmental sustainability in funeral service. Our Green Burial plans allow for a funeral to take place without the use of toxic or non-biodegradable materials or chemicals. Call 301-565-4100 for details.

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