Your impression of the quality and value of our services is very important to us. We respectfully ask for your assistance in evaluating the services we provided, as this will enable us to provide the best possible care to others who turn to us in their time of need.

"Highly compassionate. The locale and premises are not fancy, but the people we dealt with were by far the nicest and most empathetic of those we called. Their prices were also very good, which honestly still seems like a odd thing to say during a personally tragic time, but it does end up being an important factor too. Thank you Lily for being so kind, my wife and I truly appreciated it, and it does make a difference."


"Very compassionate and very friendly. The funeral home has been redecorated and a "Celebration Room" added. We had a reception along with the memorial service. Super nice people and the cost was really affordable. We were here in 2012. It's much nicer now (people, too)."


"Considering that this was my first experience with a funeral home, I don't think I could have asked for anything more befitting than the service I received. The process, all the way from the transportation to the cremation was done really well.
The staff are Professional, Compassionate and timely. I would recommend their service to anyone.


"Everything went above and beyond! I will definitely recommend you to others."


"Thanks for the Understanding Grief brochure. You all were great! You all helped make my loss much easier to bear because you were available, helpful, knowledgeable, professional, considerate, and respectful."


"Rapp was kind, flexible, and incredibly attentive to my family in a difficult time. They were responsive to many calls and questions at all hours. The funeral director, Blair Adams, was willing to come speak to the family at the hospital on short notice and flexible when plans were changed. We are thankful for Rapp and their excellent service and would recommend them for anyone in the Silver Springs area. Thank you, Blair and staff!"


"The staff is extremely friendly and compassionate. They were there for us through each step and made every effort to meet our needs and expectations. My family had suffered a major loss with the passing of my mother and Rapp Funeral Home accomadated every request and went above and beyond to help us in our time of need. I am so grateful to the staff and highly recommend them to others seeking funeral and cremation services."


"Wonderful, sensitive, honest, simple - great! Thank you for a wonderful experience!"

Rev. Susan

"Everything was perfect. Steve is fabulous."


"We felt extremely well treated. Your people are real professionals."